I wrote a little algorithm to control the movement of the Player Character and the enemies to demonstrate my gameplay idea that I mentioned in my last post. The algorithm itself works, but is a bit unreliable, since little errors will accumulate and the characters might move off the grid, so I’ll rewrite it completely, but it is good enough for a proof of concept.

The enemy is just a placeholder.

I just started creating my first game. I will be using the Unity Engine to power the game and 3ds Max and Photoshop (if I need textures at all) for asset creation. Working title is ‘Void()’.

Story is about a computer program tasked with eliminating intruders in a system.

Here is a screen of the main character with the different available weapons:

From left to right: Laser, Blaster, Plasma, Lance, Sword, Mace.

I hope I can create a similar look with Unity Shaders.

Gameplay-wise it will feature what I call real-time-turn-based combat. The player can move in real-time and the enemies will move at the same time, but when the player doesn’t do anything, everything else will stand still, including explosions and projectiles. It would allow the player to choose between fast and tactical gameplay on the fly.