Jan, 2013

Since the practical course at University is finished, I now present you the final submitted state of the puzzle platformer. The single existing level is a bit short and the puzzles don’t really deserve that label, but it shows the assets and functionality. Once the level is finished, it will be loaded again.

Here is a screenshot:

And here you can download it.

After trying to wrap my head around procedural mesh generation in Unity for hours and failing repeatedly, I decided to use Unity’s Line Renderer instead of generating a real mesh. Besides being easier by orders of magnitude it also helps keeping the polycount down, while offering good visuals, although it seems to ignore most of my material’s properties. Not sure if I can get this under control. I kept the curves I calculated, and created an empty for each sub-Spline with a Line Renderer Component using the points calculated for the respective subspline.

Here is the finished code. Sadly it doesn’t have the instant feedback in the Editor anymore, but I had to remove the ExecuteInEditMode. The objects created weren’t cleaned up properly when returning from PlayMode. If I find a way to have both, I will update the code.

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For my current project I need some way to show the player which button does what. The easiest and way that doesn’t show too much or annoy the player is some wires connecting the buttons to their respective mechanisms. First I created some models, but I wanted more, so I decided to write some code to procedurally create wires between two objects.

I divided the problem into three smaller problems:

  • create a Master Spline between two objects that curves according to gravity (cosh(x))
  • create multiple sub-Splines that curl around the Master Spline
  • create the actual mesh by creating and connecting vertices around the sub-Splines

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I teased a bit about my current project in my last post about squishy bones in Unity, and I figured I should finally put some information up. It is the final project for the practical course at university, with the requirement of being a platformer. I decided to create a 2.5D puzzle-platformer-hybrid, starring a blob of jello (after attempting and failing to recreate a look I wanted to use for a short-movie once).

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