Aug, 2011

A little science fiction sketch I did recently. A mixture of bird, amphibian and a pinch of gorilla.

Here is a 3ds Max Viewport Grab of the robot with basic textures and DirectX shaders. Details will be added later. As you can see I have some problems with the display of Alphas; they hide the geometry behind them, but somehow only at some places (they don’t hide the feet, but the toes, the legs are hidden by the upper part of the central beam). I don’t really know what causes this. Haven’t found a pattern yet.

A small wooden lodge for Tehadon. Textures are still WIP. Roughly 6600 tris, 2k textures (modular).

(rendered in Mamoset Toolbag)

(rendered in Marmoset Toolbag)


So…after finally finishing the bake, here’s the lowpoly version of the robot. 12.800 triangles. I used the same shaders like with the highpoly and added the Normal/AO Maps. It is missing the red eyes, since they are not separate meshes in the low.

Additionally, here is a wire-shot.

After getting some feedback I added an additional ‘outlet’ between the tentacles. Doesn’t even look bad.

A multiple stories tall killer robot in the style of classic SciFi movies.

Highpoly with basic materials (~4.5M Faces). Lowpoly will follow.

I would have posted the sketch for the robot earlier today, but somehow my scanner decided to stop working, so that was not an option.