Feb, 2012

We will continue with our scheduled program shortly.

My machine was showing signs of  complete breakdown for quite some time now, but lately it got worse. I think the HDD and the GPU are both dying. The HDD makes some noises no healthy HDD should make and the GPU gets very hot, even with the case open. I can’t work without it shutting down. I can’t even watch Youtube videos without it shutting down. Heck, I can’t even load them.

In any case, I think it is time for retirement. He was a brave little soldier and did his duty for longer than it was reasonable to expect. He will receive his honorable discharge when his successor arrives. I hope he will last that long.

The new machine I ordered is sadly not the workstation I wanted (because it would have cost me 23.500€), but still a vast improvement on my current PC. It should arrive in the next days, at most two weeks. Part of me is looking forward to it, part of me is afraid that I will not have any excuse to not do work anymore.