Aug, 2013

So…it has been more than half a year since my last post here, but I hope I will put out some stuff in the near future. I have a little project in my head and I want to at least share the ‘design document’, but hopefully I will turn it into an actual project to post about. Also there is this small C++/DX project I did at University and I want to post one or two things about it and probably even a executable build. But first I will write about my recent trip to Gamescom 2013 in Cologne. (Pictures don’t relate to the text, just some nice looking statues)

An enemy from Destiny, the new game by Bungie

Day 1: Wednesday Aug. 21st

Due to studying Computer Science: Games Engineering I was able to visit Gamescom as a Trade Visitor, which meant access to the Business Area and also to the Entertainment Area earlier than Private Visitors. The Business Area was kind of a letdown, since most booths were closed to the general public and you were only admitted with an invitation. There still were some games you could not see in the Entertainment Area, but not playable, sadly.

Being able to visit the Entertainment Area on Wednesday was a whole different story. You could actually move around without having to elbow your way through thousands of people and the queues at the booths were actually reasonable. After a quick round through the complete fair grounds, I went to the PS4 area, since that console interested me the most. Read More »