Just some ideas for different shield designs. Very quick pencil sketches. Observant eyes might spot the shield from the last post 😉

I am currently working on a RPG project called Tehadon with a small team. The homepage is currently under development, but I will post some screenshots here from time to time, starting here with the basic model (male) for the antagonistic race called Intenar and some variations in clothing.


They are not evil per se, but there has been a falling-out between them and humans and the two races are in conflict ever since. They are a nomadic people, very spiritual (the necklace is a traditional totem and represents the soul of the Intenar wearing it. It’s creation, from the Intenar’s own blood, also marks the transition from child to adult). They preferably use natural resources for clothing, equipment and building materials, but they can use metal if needed.


Finally, here is a shield used by the Intenar:

I just started my Blog. I will be adding WIPs and finished work here.

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