First Levels


I finally started creating some levels. Currently I have the three easiest done: arenas for the 3 existing bosses. They still need some tweaking, to have them balanced, but I will do this when I have the other levels done, so I can estimate the player’s level and equipment.

Additionally I changed the sequence for the crystal’s lasers, so they are not as predictable. Also it will choose a different sequence when it is down to 50% health.

Some other small changes include single-use platforms, that disappear when the player steps off them, but I am not sure if I can use them with the player having 3 lives, since they would block his progression when he dies after walking over them. Alternatively I would have to limit their use on optional areas.

Lastly I changed the algorithm for the grid boundary, so I can now create levels from multiple grids.

And here are the arenas:


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