More Evil


Added two more enemies. A flying saucer that fires lasers in a spiral pattern and mines that are deployed in random minefields. These mines explode on impact (obviously) and can be shot down. Additionally, they are magnetic, so when the player comes to close, they start tracking him, but he can fairly easily move out of range again. Probably into the range of another mine, evil grin. Sometimes the last resort is a Smartbomb. Just like with asteroids, the player’s guided missiles will not lock on to mines, but unlike asteroids, enemies can pass through mines unhindered and enemy projectiles also won’t destroy them.

Lastly the spacecraft from the last post are now created in groups of five, flying one behind the other, just like in the good old days of SHMUPs. It is slowly getting crowded on screen. I might have to create real enemy patterns soon instead of just spawning them more or less randomly, to make it less luck dependent.

I updated the uploaded build, so you can try it and see how long you survive. Did I mention that I halved the players health?


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