The Harvest: Angelfall


After some time of absence I can actually post something, again. I took a course on Storyworlds last semester, and we had to create a storytelling universe and build a small prototype for a game set in this universe.

Some time in the future, big aliens land on Earth. They come not as invaders, but as miners. They are here to harvest material they seeded in Earth’s crust 2000 years ago. These aliens stand 3 meters tall and fall from the sky in their personal space armor, trailing blazing wings behind them, evoking the image of angels in the mind of the onlookers. Mankind doesn’t interest them, but if we annoy them, they crush us like ants, as we are nothing more to them. In a desperate final attempt to retake the world, scientists augmented one of their own with salvaged alien technology, giving him the capability to fight back. While he cannot take one of these Angels on directly, he has the ability to siphon the Angel’s energy, if he reaches him undetected.┬áHis new abilities help him to navigate the broken environment.

This time, just a trailer, not a playable prototype:


  1. BeCutter / Apr 10th, 2015 11:41 Quote Reply

    Nice Done!

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