Some creatures I drew over the last couple of days. I might take one ore two of those and create finished concepts from them for the Double Happy Creature Design Contest at Game-Artist.net.


There is a contest running at Polycount, sponsored by Vigil Games, to create a weapon for Darksiders 2. The contestants have to create a heavy weapon, either an axe, a mace or a hammmer (or one of each) and the winning weapon in each category will be put into the game. Obviously I couldn’t resist.

So here is the current state of my mace:

Still needs some color, probably on the three bare areas on the shaft, but I have no idea (yet).

I first wanted to create an angelic axe, but my creation didn’t really fit the style of the game, so I aborted it.

Did some (extremely) small changes to the GUI. Still Photoshop. Lives conter is now left of the lifebar (which is a bit smaller now) and I made the icons for the main weaponry. Still need icons for the special items.

After countless tries I finally managed to create something that approaches presentability. This is still just a Photoshop mockup, but it demonstrates where I am trying to go.

I will add a little box to the bottom right for the turn counter and then think about adding a minimap somewhere at the top right (maybe move the sidebar down to have more space). The energy bar at the left side will get evenly spaced segments (that disappear one by one when hit) or a big one (that just shrinks). I prefer the first option. Also I might make it smaller. The color of the outline is the same as the player character’s outline, but I might change them both.

The hexagons at the bottom and the right will get little icons for the different weapons and items, with the other weapons resp. item count in the small boxes below.

I would show you my failed attempts but thankfully, I mean regrettably, I don’t have anything besides pencil sketches and my memories of these tragedies.

Here is a 3ds Max Viewport Grab of the robot with basic textures and DirectX shaders. Details will be added later. As you can see I have some problems with the display of Alphas; they hide the geometry behind them, but somehow only at some places (they don’t hide the feet, but the toes, the legs are hidden by the upper part of the central beam). I don’t really know what causes this. Haven’t found a pattern yet.

A small wooden lodge for Tehadon. Textures are still WIP. Roughly 6600 tris, 2k textures (modular).

(rendered in Mamoset Toolbag)

(rendered in Marmoset Toolbag)


So…after finally finishing the bake, here’s the lowpoly version of the robot. 12.800 triangles. I used the same shaders like with the highpoly and added the Normal/AO Maps. It is missing the red eyes, since they are not separate meshes in the low.

Additionally, here is a wire-shot.

After getting some feedback I added an additional ‘outlet’ between the tentacles. Doesn’t even look bad.

A multiple stories tall killer robot in the style of classic SciFi movies.

Highpoly with basic materials (~4.5M Faces). Lowpoly will follow.

I would have posted the sketch for the robot earlier today, but somehow my scanner decided to stop working, so that was not an option.

Here’s a little animated GIF with the three spaceship models from the previous sketches. Textures will follow.


Around 500 tris each.

Their designations from left to right: Ninja, Pirate, Cyborg.